• Pedestrian navigation 


    We help visually impaired to navigate in the city

  • Technologies

    Innovative leading technologies at the service of our users

    Computer Vision

    Similar to Autonomous car

    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine learning

    Wearable Hardware

    Discrete affordable smart glasses

  • Underserved Market

    280 millions people worldwide are visually impaired

    60 millions

    Visually impaired people in western countries and China

    One out of three Seniors

    Seniors 65+ years old become visually impaired

    20 millions in US

    Growing exponentially in the next 10 years.

    $40.6 Billions market in US

    Assistive technology industry, 69% for Visually impaired


    We are helping visually impaired people to become more independent and safer everyday

  • How we do it?

    Feel safe, become independent


    All you need is to wear the smart glasses and talk to them


    Technology will serve you via voice commands


    Identify objects, colours and your surroundings, and navigation commands to arrive safe at home

  • Founding Team

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

    Gustavo Madico

    CEO & Head of Product

    • Lead China Operation for $100M   raised startup, Peel Technologies
    • Cofound 3 startups in China as CEO & Head of Product
    • Fundraising, Business and Product

    Xavi Carceller

    CTO & ML Lead

    • Ex Tech Lead at App Annie
    • Built machine learning engine as CTO in global startup
    • Software Development, Machine learning, Full stack

    Christopher Hanser

    Product Designer

    • 10+ Industrial design navigation devices in 500 fortune companies
    • Designing our smart glasses and UX design

    Computer Vision


    • Join an extraordinary team.

    Hardware Engineer


    • Join an extraordinary team .
  • Prizes & Awardees

    Our team has won 1st Prizes or been finalist of many international competitions

    1st Prize Winner

    Dec 16

    1st Prize Winner

    March 17

    Spark Selected Startup

    March 17

    Innovative Overseas Startup

    May 17

    Future Impact Finalist

    June 17

    German Finalist

    August 17

    Innovative Startup Contestant

    August 17

  • Contact us

    We are looking for extraordinary people to join our mission. Please contact us.

    We are based in Berlin, Germany.