• Service and pedestrian navigation technology

    We help visually impaired to navigate in the city

  • Technologies

    Computer Vision

    Artificial Intelligence

    Wearable Hardware

  • Underserved Market

    280 millions people worldwide are visually impaired

    60 millions

    Visually impaired people in Western countries and China

    One out of three Seniors

    Seniors 65+ years old become visually impaired

    20 millions in US

    Growing exponentially in next 10 years.

    $40.6 Billions market in US

    Assistive technology industry, 69% based in Visually impaired


    We are helping visually impaired people to become more independent and safe everyday

  • How we do it?

    Feel safe, become independent


    All you need is to wear and talk


    Technology will serve you via voice commands


    Identify objects, colours and your surrondings

  • Founding Team

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

    Gustavo Madico

    CEO & Head of Product

    • Cofound 3 startups in China as CEO & Head of Product
    • Lead China Operation for $100M   raised startup
    • Fundraising, business and product

    Xavi Carceller

    CTO & ML Lead


    • Ex Tech Lead at $1Bn App Annie
    • Built Forecasting ML engine as CTO in comp. vision company
    • Leading the development and  ML efforts

    Christopher Hanser

    Product Designer

    • 10+ Industrial design navigation devices in 500 fortune companies
    • Designing our smart glasses
  • Contact us

    Come along, tell us how we can help you, for jobs and supporters contact us.

    We are based in Berlin, Germany.