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Wearable technology and artificial intelligence make it possible.

AiServe helps blind and visually impaired to navigate safely and independently.  




A discreet wearable 

A discreet wearable gadget that when hooked up to your glasses, will guide you through the street with voice directions 

Using an integrated camera, the device captures the environment in real time to then give audio feedback through the speaker.


Describing surroundings, objects, people, and signs.



Navigate safely

Easy navigation

You will receive voice instructions to walk easily and independently.

Avoid obstacles

You will hear warnings whenever an obstacle is on your way, making your tip safe.

Emergency assistant

You will be always connected to emergency services if some help is needed.



How does it work?

Combining computer vision and artificial intelligence, we created a system that analyses the environment, detecting the different elements in the way, such as bikes, cars, and people. Then, with all the information, it gives voice instructions to navigate on the sidewalk, telling you to turn left, right or stop immediately if any obstacle shows up.


Proudly supported by

GTEC, German Tec Entrepreneuership Center

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Y Combinator Start-up school


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September  2018

November  2018

September  2018

September  2018



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